How to Make an Item Always Out of Reach?

Hello All,

I am currently developing a game full of satire for reasons I’m not fully sure why I’m doing so haha. But in short I find myself needing to do something I don’t fully understand how to do scripting wise. I can vision it in my head but don’t know all the mondevelop calls to use and it’s just not clicking.

Basically I want and object to be in the world at any given point I place and hovering loosely in place. Up and down side to side. This part I am pretty certain I can make happen with a simple animation though.

What I don’t know how to do is make the object always stay a certain distance from the player, so they can never pick it up. You see I’m going to have a narrator mocking the player for not being able to pick up the item while they try to walk towards it. )That part I know how to do - triggering audio)

Anyway any info on this would be helpful. google wasn’t for once. If there is a tutorial on something like this I would love to learn. I don’t really want someone to just hand me a script. I would like to learn how to do this not just be given the finished product.

Thanks for reading this guys. I look forward to hearing what you have to say! The game is in First Person FYI.

If you have the animation attached to the hovering object, you just have to make that object a child of the player (drag the hovering object to the player). That way, whenever the player moves, the object will move with him (and hovering out of reach).