How to make an Object follow a projectile motion pathway

Beginner Here. I was watching a tutorial on how to make a pathway projection using line renderer. And it worked. I can input a initial velocity and a angle and it renders the path it would follow. But now I want to have an object follow this pathway. How would I go on about this?

Pathway Projection Code

void RenderArc()
        lr.positionCount = resolution + 1;

    //calculates the points needed to the arc
    Vector3[] CalculateArcArray()
        Vector3[] arcArray = new Vector3[resolution + 1];
        radianAngle = Mathf.Deg2Rad * angle;
        float maxDistance = (velocity * velocity * Mathf.Sin(2 * radianAngle)) / gravity;    

        for(int i = 0; i <= resolution; i++)
            float t = (float)i / (float)resolution; //ensures all points are equally spaced
            arcArray *= CalculateArcPoint(t, maxDistance);*


return arcArray;


//calculate height and distance of each vertex
Vector3 CalculateArcPoint(float t, float maxDistance)
float x = t * maxDistance;
float y = x * Mathf.Tan(radianAngle) - ((gravity * x * x) / (2 * velocity * velocity * Mathf.Cos(radianAngle) * Mathf.Cos(radianAngle)));
return new Vector3(x, y);

Good day.

IF you know all the points (vertex) of the line redered, you only need to make the object go to the 1 by 1.

You can use the function Lerp to smooth the movement.

something like this:

object.transform.position = Vector3.Lerp(object.transform.position, NextVertex.transform.position, 0.2f)

(Take not i’m using t parameter as 0.2 to do a very very samooth movement, but of course you can try to increase it up to 1)


I found an amazing tutorial regarding the trajectory projectile motion. this might help you a lot.