How to make an object go to pre-seted position in world

Anyone knows how to make a gameObject move to position that is already seted before?
Something like that:

void Awake(){
objectPosition = new Vector3(10,10,10);

void Update(){

private void ObjectGoTo(Vector3 pos){
		//Set the velocity to each x,y,z speed
		float moveX = 2.0f;
		float moveY = 2.0f;
		float moveZ = 2.0f;

                //Moving? #TODO: Go to parameter position
		transform.Translate(moveX, moveY, moveZ);

               //Here we check the limit of the position
		if(moveX >= location.x){
			moveX = location.x;
		if(moveY >= location.y){
			moveY = location.y;	
		if(moveZ >= location.z){
			moveZ = location.z;	

A simple way to move an object to a given position at constant speed is by using MoveTowards:

public Vector3 dest;
public speed: float = 2.0f;

void Update(){
  transform.position = Vector3.MoveTowards(transform.position, dest, speed * Time.deltaTime);