How to make an Outlined object in Unity3D?

Hello everyone, I want to make an outline of an object, because I want to make it intuitive that an object is clickable. I have no idea how to it though. I mean its not something I can just draw in Blender. Also I dont want to duplicate that Object twice and place them one behind the other, that seems like the wrong approach. I looked into Unity Shaders and how to program them all day long,Some solutions there use “cg” programming to multiply vertecies by their normals to scale!?!, oh the insanity, it doesn’t really feel like it does it properly.

Can I somehow get the 2D array of pixels of the image that the object becomes? if I could just manually modify the array of pixels representing my Object just before it is rendered, I could write my own outline function.

If you’ve got Unity Pro, you can use the Crease image effect.

Otherwise, expanding backfaces along normals may not be perfect, but it’s a pretty good solution in many situations, and is almost certainly better performing than manually trying to access a 2D array of pixels. There’s a good explanation of the process at

Instead of Outline Silhouette, I recommend this shader instead: