How to make an OVR Camera Rig LookAt a particular direction?

I need to rotate my vr camera on change of skybox texture, to a direction facing the door of the interior.
I am able to get the direction & move a normal camera by using the LookAt() func, but this does not work in VR.
I tried parenting The OVR Rig & rotating the parent object but that also is not working.
Any suggestions?

What happens when you rotate the parent? I think that’s the way. But however you do it you have no control over how the user rotate the head at the same time adding to your rotation…

@rh_galaxy Nothing happens. I am guessing the rotation gets overridden by the head rotation, so in the editor is works fine, but doesn’t on the headset.

Are you using OVRPlayerController or just the camera rig? If you are using OVRPlayerController, you could try to rotate the transform of the character controller of OVRPlayerController.

Try disabling the character controller component, rotating the player and then enabling it again.
The character controller will often override other movement.

Hope this helps!