How to make an unrealistic bounce?

Hy everyone,
My problem is that I want to have an unrealistic bounce between a plane and a ball, and I dont know how to script that.
The problem is after the ball with the plane collides, its rotation stops and bounces a little bit along the y axis also.
Here is a gif to illustrate my problem:

alt text

I noticed that when the ball with a capsule-collider colides, the bounce is almost (except the bounce along the y-axis) what i want:

alt text

I´ve tried to several functions to fix my problem (Vector3.reflect, calculate the inverse of the rotation, freeze the y position) but nothing worked perfectly. Can somebody help me out?

It seems like you need to freeze the Y position on the transform. Because it bounces in the air and your GIF that you want doesn’t.

You’ll need to show your code if you need help fixing it. As it is I can only guess.

When you hit a wall, you need to reflect your ball’s velocity around the normal of the contact. If you hit it straight on, you’ll bounce exactly backwards, there should be no upwards momentum.

How’s your physics material? Is the ball pulling itself up the wall?