How to make Android remote for Desktop application?

Hey guys,

I want to control my desktop application via android remote application in local WiFi network.
Both the application will be made using Unity 5 personal edition.

To make it simple to understand here is what i am looking for.

On Desktop application -
Simple cube with rotation script, which keeps rotating (with bool)

On Android remote application (this is completely new application)

  • One GUI button to enable/disable the cubes rotation

(just like television remote with few buttons with different functions)

How can i access the bool of desktop application?

I have read about sockets (orsocke plugin looks promising but no docs on it)
Is there any way i can use UNET for the same ?

I dont have any experience on sockets, it will be great if someone can point me in right direction.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Job Done… OR socket works perfect for this thing…