how to make animations using fbx or bvh files


I am starting up now with Unity and would like to know how to animate my rigged character in unity.

I have few fbx and bvh files that i have found online for free, and would like to use them on my rigged character (made in cheetah3d); but i cannot find any info about how to do so.

The only relevant topic that i have found was mentioning something like deleting the original skeleton rig and replace it with the one in the animation; but then you gotta rig again the mesh all over? It doesn’t seem right so I am sure that someone more knowledgeable can in fact tell me how to do this.

I tried Mixamo but is too expensive; and is also a waste of resources since i already have both the mesh rigged and the animation file, so I just gotta put them together, so i can have a character like the one used for the bootcamp demo.

Anyone can please help? I have got Unity last weekend and would love to start to use my creation (i am still a beginner in CG, so is not that great :D) into Unity!

Thanks a lot folks!

wow, i am impressed that nobody replied…basically i am on my own if I don’t wanna buy the content sold online…is this how I should take this silence?

They told me that this community was the most helpful and friendly, but maybe this changed since when the asset store opened.

Thanks anyway for stopping by, check the post and leave.

Motionbuilder is one of the best at dealing with Mocap. I’d do a search on Ebay/Amazon for an older or 2nd hand verson if you want a cheaper solution. There is a also a Biped Editor prefab/package available in the asset store for editing inside unity, but I don’t have any experience with it.

Either that or look into ipisoft’s desktop mocap software and make your own mocap the easier and currently cheapest way.