How to make AudioSource play defined clips using String?

The question is complicated but what I want to do is basically this.
I have defined my audioclips

	public AudioClip engine1;
	public AudioClip engine2;
	public AudioClip engine3;

Now I have my create audiosource

engSource = CreateAudioSource (engineSoundBank, true, true, enginePositionV);

and I defined a string

public string engineSoundBank = null;

BASICCALLY, what I am trying to do is have my constant audio source be able to change sound clips eg

engine1 is playing, then engineSoundBank gets set to engine2, now engine2 is playing, then engine3, etc etc. I’m sure this is the wrong way to do this but does anyone know of an alternate way to do this OR make my method work? Thanks.

If you want to play them one after another, then you can put them in an array and then walk true array:

public AudioClip[] engines;

Then in the Inspector, you can open the array, set the size, and drag the clips into the array.

Then you keep an integer called something like curClip. When you want to advance to the next clip, you would do:

curClip = (curClip + 1) % engines.Length;

Then you would pass an audio clip to your CreateAudioSource() method using engines[curClip].