How to make brownian motion of a RigidBody animal AI?

I want to make a random ambling/ wandering script for a RigidBody which will be an animal. What’s my first resource or step?

I’ve generated random paths in the past in two ways (not for ambling animals). The first was to generate a walk segment in a random direction. The object walked the segment and when reaching the end, a new segment of random length is generated. I like this method because it is easy to bias the walk so that it generally went in the same direction. That is, though the object walked randomly, I could bias it so that the chance the next segment walk would in a similar direction was high. This produced a tendency for gentle turns with occasional more abrupt ones.

For another project I generated a list of random points within a bounded area. Then I smoothed the line connecting them. I used iTween’s path for the project. As another option for smoothing, I noticed this post has code by @Cody Schmidt for creating a smoothed path: How can I interpolate between points to create a smooth arc.