How to make character controller forward jump a certain distance?

I want to make a character perform a smooth forward jump a certain distance when I press “j” button. The character has character controller attached to it and using boolean animations. I have tried everything put nothing seems to work.

if (Input.GetKey("j"))
            animator.SetBool("isJumping", true);                        
            characterController.Move(transform.TransformDirection(Vector3.forward) * 
if (!Input.GetKey("j"))
            animator.SetBool("isJumping", false);

Maybe you can describe the issue. What is wrong with the current implementation you posted. What behaviour are you getting vs what you want. Is this for a 3d or 2d environment?

Just looking at the code you posted I don’t see any force that would move the character up in a jumping fashion, I just see you moving it forward.