How to make character "stick" to moving platform?

Hi, I could use help with a 3D platformer I'm working on. My character will sometimes fall through a rising platform especially if I set it's speed high and won't move with horizontal-moving ledges(it "slides" out from under his feet). I have a ladder I can't get to function and just two enemy behaviors I need to implement. The main character is a meerkat, and the style of play is very much like old 2d platformers, but just on a larger scale. The first level I'm working on now will be only a starting place as my idea is to make a game that will have a longer lifespan than most platformers.

Do you happen to have a link to the video? I’ve been searching for days for this answer and all I see on the Unity forums is plenty of “google it” of “this has been asked before, let me give you some broken links to try” responses and absolutely no working responses : /

For others that may come across this post in the future(like me) I believe the elevator tut is this one…