How to make complete darkness

How to make complete darkness, and only things affected by a light source visible. The camera not connected to the player, and is not the light source.

Ok, so, i have a camera looking downward where the player and everything is. i want to make it, so that the only thing that can be seen is the player, the things affected by the the spot light, and some other random things that have spot lights (and the things affected by their spot light). NOTE again that the camera is not connected to the player and can move freely around (like a camera in a strategy game). Thx in advance.

Not sure if this gets you all the way there, but go to Edit > Render Settings and edit Ambient Light so that it is full black.

It’s now in Window > Lighting in unity 5

If you know the item your trying to make visible. Just change gameObject.layer to the value of the layer that you want! Hope it Helped! :slight_smile:

Try using a different skybox.

What I did to create pure darkness was created a new material with the “Skybox/6 Sided” shader. I didn’t add any textures to the material, just changed the tint color to black. Then just drag it in the scene and remove all the lighting!