How to make custom colliders for certain game objects

I have not even checked for other user questions like this or made a single effort to try this so excuse me if I sound like an idiot. How exactly should I approach making a collider fit a character that is animated? I mean instead of making a big rectangular prism around them I want to make it so that there can be the possibility of them barely dodging projectiles and things of the sort. Please answer this question and if I sound like an idiot, I already warned you.

Thanks a lot,


Yeah you clearly did NOT google this at all, but you are super honest Abbot it so i’ll help. haha

Basically, you want to use a MeshCollider. Be warned though, they are far more expensive than simple colliders. The general rule is to use them only when absolutely necessary.

A better approach for a controllable character is to use a compound collider. This is a fancy way of saying “a buncha child game objects that have simpler colliders.”. I have not needed a compound collider yet for any kind of game I make though.