how to make destructible and rebuildable barricades


every were I look I can not find a tutorial on how to make destructible and rebuildable barricades likes the ones in nazi zombies, I tried to figure it out by myself but I found out I need help, so if anyone wonts to give a whack at it please do.

Im pretty sure this is a simple/easy script because theres a lot of unity zombie games that do something similer to this but I dont now.

if you now of any tutorials or if you now how to do this please share :slight_smile:

have 2 prefabs I destroyed one and a built one.

when enough damage is dealt FIRST store the location and rotation of the built one(aka create an empty transform and copy the built ones transform). then destroy it, then copy the transform you saved to the prefab of the destroyed one then instantiate it.

It will replace the built one with a destroyed one at the location of the built one and rotated the same so its identical.

You do the same thing to replace a destroyed one with a built one.