How to make dialog window?

Hi everyone. I have sort of a noob question that i can’t figure out on my own.

In my game charachter would have dialogs on the global map in certain locations. I need a dialog window. I understand how to make a window and how to make text of a message for the player to appear where i want them to be. But I can’t understand how to organize area for answers. What should i use to make them clickable? How to make a scrollbar for this area? How can i show so many answers as there are for current message?

I don’t need step-by-step instruction (though if you want to give it - i’ll be happy, ofcourse), just general tips. Or may be there are some tutorials for this - that’d be a great tip too.

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Short answer is: it depends.

Long answer: there are lots of techniques and development shortcuts. If you can sacrifice some performance for easy coding: use GUI class. If you are targeting mobile: use uGUI or 2D sprites with colliders, raycasting or VP conversion to perform events.

If you go 2d sprites way you need to control every aspect of UI and develop your own toolkit. If you wish for fast dev cycle check asset store for complete ui sets.