How to make DLC?

I want to figure out how to make DLC for my games. Things like extra levels and characters and other cool content.

This question has been up for a while and nobody’s given an answer, PLEASE HELP.

Most DLC items are prefabbed items. Hence you should update your code to account for extra additional prefabs without too much additional work (such as considering for reserved or expandable enum values and having a good inheritance system for your game’s entities).

For expanding on gameplay mechanics, Unity has a nice system set up so that all gameObjects can have their own attached scripts as components. This allows post-production game objects and customized object scripts to be added post-launch without hassle.

The processes for carrying this out are similar in creating components and prefabs that modders can extend and create ‘plugins’ for.

I have created i tutorial series about how to implement DLC system using Asset Bundle.

here is the link to the video : Unity 5 - Asset Bundle DLC System Part 0 - Introduction - YouTube

In this video i’ve explain you how to make DLC system in Unity 5, the version of unity that i am using is 5.3.4f1

This system, also has DLC Listing system, so everytime you want to update your DLC list of your game, you don’t need to edit it from unity to make new UI, you can edit the file called dlc-list.txt that are stored in server.

The DLC download system has automatic version checking, it will delete unused DLC that are no longer available in the server.
and also will update the DLC file based on file name increment on the server.

This Downloadable Content system is suitable for most unity games.