How to make double jump using ThirdPersonController(Unity 3.5)

I’m using a capsule as player(for now) with a ThirdPersonController.js script and a Character Motor component. I would like to allow my player to double jump, can someone help me with some code I can add to the ThirdPersonController.js script so I can allow double jump?

This really wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be!

Line 237 in ApplyJumping checks if you are grounded before allowing a jump. Disable that, and infinite jumps!

function ApplyJumping ()
	// Prevent jumping too fast after each other
	if (lastJumpTime + jumpRepeatTime > Time.time)

	//if (IsGrounded()) { //<<-- REMOVE THIS CHECK, WE CAN JUMP MID-AIR!
		// Jump
		// - Only when pressing the button down
		// - With a timeout so you can press the button slightly before landing		
		if (canJump && Time.time < lastJumpButtonTime + jumpTimeout) {
			verticalSpeed = CalculateJumpVerticalSpeed (jumpHeight);
			SendMessage("DidJump", SendMessageOptions.DontRequireReceiver);

From there its a simple matter of adding a var for determining how many jumps in a row are allowed, counting the jumps, checking the jump count before allowing a jump, and resetting the count when you are grounded again!

Hope this helps!