How to make EasyRoads3d work?

I imported the EasyRoads3d package in unity. But when I try to add road marker holding shift and pressing the left mouse button on the desired positions in the scene editor, it does not work. What can I do?

just some ideas. They might not be helpful but those are the steps I would try first.

you need to have at least two points until the road will be drawn.

do you have a terrain in your scene? I think it requires one.

did you try reopening Unity?

did you try reimporting EasyRoads3d? - I sometimes needed to do that.

Which version of EasyRoad are you using? If it’s the beta of EasyRoad versio 3 then it should add 2 different objects to your scene. Both will have the marker but only one of them will work.

I just tried removing all existing textures from my terrain and it worked. All I had was some basic grass so it was not a big deal, but it could be a bit of a pain if you had to remove a more complex terrain model. Hope this helps.