How to make emissive maps glow?

I have a modular gun in my scene and I want to make one of the modules (only part of it) glow/ emit light. I’ve been attempting to do so by making a base texture with the basic texture applied to the Albedo layer (UVs):

Then, I made an emissive texture (only coloured the corresponding pixels where the glow should be) with a transparent background. I applied this emissive texture to the Emission > Color layer and set the value to 1 as shown in the Unity Manual here:

The end result is my module turning completely white and green (in the correct location) and the emissive map doesn’t even emit light (check comments for a screenshot). How would I achieve this? I want my emissive texture to actually emit light onto walls and other object. Maybe I’m missing something?


I am not mistaking, the emissive part of the standard material does not allow you to actually project lights around the object. It’s just a simple effect you can use to simulate an object that project light.
Look at the Unity manual you provided yourself : no reflections. You need to use another shader or a dynamic light.

I am not sure if you have a problem with this, maybe I am misunderstanding your issue but :
when a material is emissive, the whole surface it is applied on emit light :

  • You need 2 different materials. The first material is not emissive and the second matarial is.
  • Your 3D objects needs to be exported with 2 material ids, so you can change them in Unity.



To answer OP, it’s because your glowing map has a white background.
Just set it to black so that the non-highlighted area doesn’t get multipled too in the process.

You can choose to use emissive light to light the object, and then use the post processing effect BLOOM, to radiate that light. If you’re using this in unity, that is.