How to make game renderpipeline use custom shader

Hello. I am new to Unity.

I have a scene, which overrides a scene in the game “uboat”. Now i want to use a custom Imposter-shader for trees. The game loads it into the file structure, but it is not used. The object is not rendered. What i am doing wrong here?

Maybe interesting: The game uses a custom renderpipeline. So everything in the editor is only shown with outlines, but not rendered until i chose the special render pipeline for the settings in the editor. With the normal renderer the imposter shader is shown correctly, with the pipeline of the game it disappears. So somehow i must get the game use the custom shader. Ideas?

Working on Win7.

bump :wink: really no one? thought this is a newbie question :smiley:

i just recognized, that he loads the mesh of this object when a ship is spawned in the game…