How to make GUI text only visible on that player's screen (and no one elses) in multiplayer?

Hey all,

I’m learning Unity Networking and am trying to make a GUI Text element that shows how many lives that player has left. I have been unsuccessful in figuring out how to make that text only visible to the player in question and no one else… could you direct me to where I can learn how to do this, or have instructions yourself? I’ve been up and down the Unity Manual to try and figure out how I can get this done, but the only thing I’ve found is now legacy (NetworkView, and I didnt really understand how it works from the manual).

Any help is appreciated!

OK, so I found out about Culling layers. In a normal game this would do the trick, however in this game there is just one camera, not one per player. Is there a way to still make this work?

Thanks in advance.