How to make GUI text visible outside camera viewport?


I'm trying to make a small info box hover next to the mouse. Currently I'm trying to do this by using a GUIText object in the scene, and then use the Update() function to sync its coordinates with the mouse.

However, the camera view port does not cover my whole screen (there are 2 chat boxes added at the bottom and to the left of the camera, taking up a lot of space). When I move the mouse into these "non-camera" areas, the GUIText won't display any more - it is limited to existing only in the camera viewport.

How do I make the GUIText object appear outside the camera viewport?

I also tried the Unity scripting reference example on how to add custom windows, but it won't work (it gives me the error "The name 'EditorWindow' does not denote a valid type"). The test code is attached below.

// JavaScript example:
class MyWindow extends EditorWindow {
    var myString = "Hello World";
    var groupEnabled = false;
    var myBool = true;
    var myFloat = 1.23;

    // Add menu named "My Window" to the Window menu
    @MenuItem ("Window/My Window")
    static function Init () {
        // Get existing open window or if none, make a new one:
        var window : MyWindow = EditorWindow.GetWindow (MyWindow);
        window.Show ();

    function OnGUI () {
        GUILayout.Label ("Base Settings", EditorStyles.boldLabel);
            myString = EditorGUILayout.TextField ("Text Field", myString);

        groupEnabled = EditorGUILayout.BeginToggleGroup ("Optional Settings", groupEnabled);
            myBool = EditorGUILayout.Toggle ("Toggle", myBool);
            myFloat = EditorGUILayout.Slider ("Slider", myFloat, -3, 3);
        EditorGUILayout.EndToggleGroup ();

Nevermind, found the GUI class and everything went better than expected, as they say.

GUI.Label (position : Rect, text : string) is fantastic. :)

function OnGUI () {
   GUI.Label(Rect(x, y, width,height), myLabelText);