How to make GUI.TextField keyboard input work properly on Unity Flashplayer

I am trying to add Textfield to Unity Flashplayer but I am having troubles with keyboard input to that textfield. My code in very basic:

public string puhelinnro;
public string sposti;
void OnGUI () {
    		puhelinnro = GUI.TextField(new Rect(250f,260f,200f,20f),puhelinnro);
    		sposti = GUI.TextField(new Rect(250f,340f,200f,20f),sposti);

Problem mainly lies on special keyboard buttons like Backspace that does not work at all and @-sign cannot be used because in finnish keyboard that would normally come from AltGr+2. In flashplayer AltGr is same as SpaceBar.

Every keyboard input works perfectly inside Unity debug and in Unity web player.

Text input is not fully supported for the 3.5 developer preview of Flash export.

If there are any particular keys (or other features) you’re experiencing problems with, please submit a bug report with full details on how to reproduce the issues. These can then be investigated as part of the 4.x release cycle.

This is fixed for Flash 4.0