How to make imported 3D animation models solid?

I am currently working on an Android Augmented Reality project using Unity.

I have encountered one problem during the cross-fade between different hand sign animations. The hands of our 3D human model will cut through his body while moving around. How can I make the imported models (fbx format) solid so as to avoid the hand-body intersection? If there are other work-arounds, your sharing is also much appreciated. Thanks.

Sorry for the very late response but I just came across this and notice no real answer was given.

What I think is happening is maybe in your original animations the hands intersect with the actual model on one of the in-between frames. If you don’t see it in the animations in the original model in your modeler then is the model being animated in unity at the same time frame as in your modeler? Maybe the time frames are different so there’s more in-between frames and your seeing some that weren’t shown in the faster time frame?

My suggestion is to check that out and if the intersection is found in the original modeler after adjusting the frame rate so it matches that of unity (frame rate). Your modeler should spread the key frames if it doesn’t you’ll have to move the keys yourself. Then just add in some key frames that pull the hands out just that little bit on the frame with the greatest amount of intersection and see if that helps.

people listen please i need help ill tell yuo the answer if you tell me this answer i accidently deleted my hiearchy folder and my project folder please tell me how to get them back…please then ill tell you!