How to make interaction independent from changing keyboard?

My character jump properly when when I press “Z” but only if selected language in task bar is english. If I choose some other language with different keyboard layout I have to press “Y” for it to jump or some other button. How can I always use same button for some action regardless of language?

That is not possible, since any application already gets the letter input. Your not able to program keyboard drivers with unity. Thats too specific for unity, because unity wants to stay platform indepent and it is a GAME-engine not DRIVERS-engine. PS: i remember no game i ve ever played that had this (probably unwanted) feature. I think it is irritating for an english if tutorial says “press z” and you have to press ‘y’. Better make a key remapping system like most games

I see that many of you are following this question. Is because it’s interesting or stupid? :slight_smile: Maybe I’m missing something simple with all this.