How to make intro/logo like logo unity ?

how to make intro/logo like logo unity ?

i get script from my friend, but whether it will open the first scene? I’m not sure if the intro scene will open at the beginning of the game go ?

and whether this script can be use to intro?

sorry , my bad english …

#pragma strict

var screamSound : AudioClip;					//in the projector assign the Screaming audio file

function Start ()
	audio.clip = screamSound;					//Assign the screamSound to the Scene object
	audio.Play ();								//Play the assigned audio file
	yield WaitForSeconds (audio.clip.length);  	//It will play the whole audio file then next thing.
	Application.LoadLevel ("Lose Screen");		//Reloads the "Main" Scene when the sound is done playing

//I used a pickup sound cause I didn't have a screaming sound. Just replace it.

Create a new scene.

Attatch your script to the main camera.
Now, make sure that your new scene is the FIRST scene in the build settings, as that is the scene that will load first.

I am guessing you mean for a Splash screen?

image here

On there make sure the scene is set to 0 (0 = 1 in computers)
If it isn’t just drag it up.

Now it will load before all the other scenes!

Note that it will not replace the Default “Powered by Unity” in the beginning, if you are using Unity free.

Create a scene for your intro. Use a GUI.Texture to draw your image and do whatever you want (play sounds, shake the camera, have your characters run through and shoot stuff).