How to make Iphone Menu-Unity

I need to know how to make a menu (for the iPhone) in unity. I don't know how to make the touch screen as a click, or if it's fine as it is, and it will automatically work. Do I need new text and add a script? If so, can I PLEASE!!!! have the script????I got the background scene all figured out, i just need multiple 'links' or "buttons" to get to the other levels, thx!!!

Here's an example on how to create a simple button in Unity:

function OnGUI () {
   if (GUILayout.Button ("Load Level 1")) {
      // Do your load code here.  I'm assuming Application.LoadLevel ();


You are asking about some pretty complicated iPhone Unity functionality. Working with complicated GUIs is probably not the best option for a first Unity project. I'd recommend going through the Penelope tutorial here:

Which has a section on how to make touchable-on-screen GUI elements.