how to make kinect virtual dressing room step by step process from start?

I have to make Kinect Virtual dressing room project,I am very much familiar with Kinect and i have developed many sample applications also.Please tell me step by step procedure to make virtual dressing room in which the 3d clothes maps on real person.Please tell me what should i start with?I will use wpf,c# for making this project.Please help,kindly post some helpful links that will help me in developing this particular project,and also the links of material which are important to learn prior making this application.

Hi Nikita,
I am also working on this project. If you still need help i can share a sample with you to learn.

Which kinect are you using ? version 1 or version 2?

for version 1, you can use Zigfu, which supports every platform. for version 2, you need a windows8 pc with usb3.0 port, and install Microsoft official unity sdk.

both version has api to return RGB camera images and skeletons. You need to map the skeletons position to the image, and use the skeletons to control the virtual character with your 3d clothes