How to make lightpole properly?

I have a lightpole model with multiple meshes: a mesh for the lamp and another for the pole. Of course I want the pole to have collider and the lamp to have light source. Collider is no problem, but the light: actually I put “Light” on the lamp part and it will show up on the ground, where the pole is. Same thing with torches, etc. where you have separate model parts.


No idea if it is a bug or just my fault, but how to do this right?

I would bet that all your sub objects have it’s pivot down at the base. You have the gizmos display set to “center” which in most cases leads to such confusions. Make sure the gizmo mode at the top of the Unity Editor is set to “Pivot” and to “local”.

As solution you usually just add empty gameobjects as child objects, atach your desired component (like the light) and move the child where you want the light to be. Same for colliders.