How to make Main Camera shake correctly when getting attacked?

I use Javascript.

In my movement script I have a part about camera shake, but it isn’t working as I want.
The idea I use is adding a Vector3 to a variable called RotationImpact when getting attack, then applying it to the rotation and at the same time decreasing it. When the variable is equal to I use an empty GameObject that is parented to the Player to get back slowly to the default look.

function FixedUpdate() {


// Camera lerp
         	if(RotationImpact =={
         		Camera.main.transform.rotation = Quaternion.Euler(Vector3.Lerp(PlayerCamera.transform.eulerAngles, DefaultCamera.eulerAngles, 5*Time.deltaTime));
         	} else {
         		Camera.main.transform.rotation = Quaternion.Euler(RotationImpact);
         		RotationImpact = Vector3.Lerp(RotationImpact,, 500*Time.deltaTime);

function AddCameraImpact() {
	RotationImpact = new Vector3(0, 25, 25);

In the game the player gets hitted and the vector is stored in RotationImpact but the rotation is only applying in horizontal way. How could I make it rotate like if getting a diagonal hit?

Look at the iTween plugin. I’ve used that for camera shake before and that worked lovely.