How to make main menu?

Hi! Im new in unity3D and i need help im trying to find how to make Main menu but i can’t find. always the scripts are wrong. im with the newest version of unity3D. Help me and tell me the scripts Please!!!

id recomend watcthing tornado twins, they have a tutorial for that

You can use void OnGUI () and learn how to use it or use UI by making GUI objects right in your scene by clicking create in the Hierarchy and select UI and which you want of the following UI Objects

Hello, Do not worry I have been stumped on the exact same problem as you, but I have found an easy solution. If you go to

Recorded Video Sessions on UI - Unity Learn

then the man in the video explains how to make the main menu basics, a more help button, a starts button, and a quit button. at the bottom of the page he lists all of the scripts needed for the video, I recommend starting the video at 36:00 (36 minutes) he explains how to work the code as well just watch closely and do what he does and your problem will be solved, as far as I know this is the most helpful video on making a simple main menu, if you want a splash screen (were you have logos and other things pop up before or after you press start) then just search that up on youtube almost all of the videos that I have watched on splash screens on youtube worked so try there! If you still don’t understand after watching then just ask me and I can explain it in some more detail if you want, or just watch the video more closely if you are tired of reading my comments! Hope this helped!