How to make MonoDevelop to break when a MissingReferenceException occurs?

I have an script that creates and deletes objects, I also have a coroutine that makes changes on those objects over a period of time. In theory at least, it is not possible for an object to be deleted before the coroutine finishes with it…

Everything works fine during a variable period of time, however sporadically I’m getting a MissingReferenceException… mening 2 posibilites: 1) the object being processed in the coroutine was deleted… or 2) under some circumstances I’m passing a wrong value to the coroutine… The problem is I won’t be able to tell unless I can make MonoDevelop to stop exactly when the exception occurs.

In the Exceptions window (accesible from Run/Exceptions…) I cannot see something like: “UnityEngine.MissingReferenceException” or “System.MissingReferenceException” or anything a like… so how do I tell it to stop on this particular exception???

The only other possibilty I see right now would be to test with a function that detects deleted objects or wrong references, but… does such function exist???

Use a try/catch to isolate the occurrence and breakpoint in the catch to examine the situation in the Debugger.