How to make multiple objects mirror Player movement AND share collisions

I have multiple objects that I want to react to player movement (either identically, half speed, reverse, or some other factor).

Based on what I’ve read and tried so far, neither parenting nor joints will work as those only offer 1:1 movement.

Note that my game is strictly 2D, and that the physics for 2D and 3D are mostly the same.

Basically, when either the player or one of the linked objects hits a wall, I want them ALL to stop.

You could try to use the same input for moving both objects simultaneously. So if one has a script where movement has a certain speed and translates the object in a certain direction, the other object could have a similar script only with different speed and directions.

  • Or use same script if movement and speed is to be the same.

As for sharing collisions I guess you could keep track of the opposing object’s movement state. So basically just check if the other one can move, so can you.
It is kind of hard to say, when I don’t know how your movement is implemented.