How to Make Multiple Particle Explosions on Mobile?

To make my question more specific, how to make multiple explosions on mobile without killing the framerate?

I’m making a match 3 game right now and so far everything is going well. The problem is that when you make a move and gems drop, they may combo and have maybe even 20 gems line up all over the place. I would like a similar effect that most games of this genre have where the gems explode when they are matched. However, each particle system that is placed on a matched tile adds to the draw calls. So if someone does well and combos say 20 tiles, there will be a 20(?) draw call increase in the few seconds that those particles are doing their job.

Could anyone give me some advice on a better way to approach this problem? Having 20 explosions occur at the same time with the least decrease in performance?

Well I wouldn’t be instantiating those particle systems (you should pool them) but apart from that - you could just decide to only show a maximum number from the pool and then have a “quality” setting which decides how many should be used at one time (so faster devices get a better experience).