How to make my collectables appear on my screen

I’m making a game where my character collects objects from around the map and when he clicks on them I want them to appear as 2D pictures in the bottom right of my screen permanently. The objects will spell out a word when all collected so I want them to be in order. I have done some collision detecting so I can click on my objects but how would I go about doing the above?

I kind of needed the same for an inventory in my game. I created an array where I store the names of the objects that I grabbed. Although if you only want to show the images, you probably don’t need that. Once you pickup an item the object gets destroyed, and it has to show the icon on screen.

Basically what I did was something in the lines of this:

var show : boolean; //display image, yes or no
var icon : Texture2D; //define the image icon (set in inspector)
var posX : int; //define the X position of the image
var posY : int; //define the Y position of the image
posX = 14; //set the X position
posY = 13; //set the Y position

function Start() {
	//You don't have the item at start, so don't display the image
	show = false;

function OnGUI () {
		//If item is obtained, show the icon on the screen.
		GUI.depth = 80;
		GUI.DrawTexture(new Rect(Screen.width / 2 - posX,Screen.height - posY,40,39), icon);

Just set show on true once you click on the object.