How to make my game harder?

Hello! I’m working on a mobile game and i want my go get harder every 10th level. So… I know that i could check with if (level => 10) {harder}… bla bla. But thats a lot of code, i mean i cant check that every 10th level. So is there an easier way to check if player on the 10th, 20th, 30th… level?

@Edmm72 You would use an if statement that is using a modulus operator.

It would go like this:

// If the level divided by 10 has a remainder of 0 (which is to say, if the level you're on can divide by ten evenly), the game gets harder.
if (level%10 == 0) {
  // Game gets harder.
} else {
  // Game stays same difficulty.