How to make my mobile game position the same for any device?

I’m working with 3d game. I was under impression unity3d handles automatically the “canvas” where my scene is rendered stretching to the host device.

But when I run it on my android and windows phone device the positioning of game objects are different.
Is there any way I can configure it to stretch (and other mechanisms that read points such as touch)?

or Do I have to handle every single game object according to specific devices…

I’m kind of lost here

any tips are welcome thanks

for me i’m handling the position of each element to a specific ratio to the height and the width of the screen

In the Canvas, go to the Canvas Scaler component and change UI Scale Mode to “Scale with Screen Size”

if you want scale the ui or canvas according to different screen.

  • go to canvas > canvas scaler and set the " ui scale mode" to “scale with screen size”.
  • reference resolution to somewhere around 1280x800.
  • screen mode to match width or heaight
  • bring match slider to somewhere in the middle.
  • pixels per unit to 100

tested on unity 5 , android devices samsung s3, google galaxy nexus .