how to make my script chose between two numbers?

I am using this to instantiate an object: `

Instantiate(object, new Vector3(UnityEngine.Random.Range (-3.0f, 3.0f), 5.5F, UnityEngine.Random.Range (5.0f, 15.0f)), Quaternion.Euler(UnityEngine.Random.Range (90, 270), 0, 0));`

however it choses a rotation between 90 and 270, I want it to chose either 90 or 270, I have found a way to do it but it was in javascript and I use c#. and im not sure how to convert it to c#.

Have it pick between two values and decide based on the result.

int angle = Random.Range(0,2) == 1 ? 270 : 90;

(Random. Range() with integers is exclusive the max value, so in this case it will only return 0 or 1. Random.Range() with floats is inclusive the max value.)

Get a random value of either 0 or 1. Then assign either angle depending on what number was returned.

float xPos = Random.Range(-3.0f, 3.0f);
float zPos = Random.Range(5.0f, 15.0f);
float angle = (Random.Range(0, 2) == 0) ? 90 : 270;
Instantiate(object, new Vector3(xPos, 5.5f, zPos), Quaternion.Euler(angle, 0, 0));