How to make my timeline animation 30 fps?

If I set the timeline fps property to 30, the animation doesn’t change at all. I would like some of my timelines to look as if I put V Sync Count to every second V blank. Is that possible?

The FPS in timeline is for authoring purposes - snapping, aligning, etc… but playback is not constrained by the framerate, it samples at what ever time it is given whether it’s frame aligned or not.

You can accomplish what you want using a script that controls the playable director. You can set the time manually on the playable director from a Monobehaviour Update method and then call Evaluate(). For example, you can only update the time when an accumulated delta time has passed 1/30 of a frame, giving the illusion of a synced 30fps.

This method is slightly slower than just letting timeline play, and will not work with audio tracks.