How to make object fall in the same amount of time no matter screen height?

I am developing a 2D Mobile game, and part of it requires an object to fall from the top of the screen to the bottom. I want the game to be equal among all screen heights, so how could I make my game object fall from the top of the screen to the bottom in the same amount of time no matter how tall a phone’s screen is?

there are 2 options, what i tend to use is a script that uses a fixed height/width in all my games across all devices, or simply set both objects to be at the border of the screen, using the Screen.height parameter, and use the Vector3.lerp so that both objects reach the desired position in the desired time, if you need help with any of the solutions just ask me

Without having proper details about the specific mechanics involved in your game, I would suggest using a animation for the falling object.

Since animations run at set speeds, using their own frames per second settings, you could have either a million complicated keyframes per second or just 2 simple position keyframes per second, both would take one second to play.

That would, in my opinion, be the easiest way to ensure consistent fall time across all phones or screen resolutions without any calculations.