How to make objects falling down from the top of a scene permanently?

Hey Guys,

I’d like to make some kind of dance-game. The player should move in a specific direction which shall be set by arrows that keep permanently falling down from the top of the whole scene.
So is there any advice you can give me especially which logic determinants I should use in the script.

The scene should kinda look like the following photo:

In general, I would advice you to use a Coroutine.

It should look something like this:

IEnumerator CreateArrows()
       while (true) {

             //Create some random arrow here
             yield return new WaitForSeconds(secondsToWait);

You can call your coroutine from the start of MonoBehaviour like this: StartCoroutine( CreateArrows() );

If you use an infinite white loop in your coroutine (like I showed above), you should call ‘StopCoroutine’ somewhere in your class, otherwise unity will crash.

Hope that helps, if not please e more specific :slight_smile: