How to make objects move using tags

Hello, I have been making a board game on unity3d, I have added a lot of cubes as the platforms for the board game, I have tagged all the cubes (for example, the first cube will be tagged 1), I have added a capsule for the player, in code I have made a dice roll system using Random.Range I have also made 3 variables CurrentPos, RollValue which I have made equal to the dice roll, and NewPos, CurrentPos = 0 at the start of the game. Then when we roll I have written this code (NewPos = CurrentPos + RollValue), now for example if NewPos is equal to 12 how do I make my capsule to move t tag 12

That doesn’t look like a good way to do it. Do you have any good reason for why to use tags?

What I’d do is to add every object inside an array in an orderly manner, from 1 to 12, then you can just do some function like this:

GameObject[] blocks;

void Play () {
player.transform.position = RollDice();

Vector3 RollDice () {
int randy = Random.Range(0,12);
return blocks[randy].transform.position;

What do you mean exactly?