How to make one object's geometry flow into the next?

Hey am making a game out of hexagonal grids. It is a turn by turn based game. basically each hexagon will be a plane each with different terrain on it, like mountains, hills, plains, etc. Basically I need to have it where one hexagon leads into the next., there be a smooth transition to the next object.

Sort of like Civilization 5:
alt text

Notice how the mountain peaks flow smoothly into the next mountain peak, and also flow smoothly into the plains surrounding.

At first my solution was obviously, “well, just use NURBS”. Then it came to my attention that unity doesn’t support NURBS. So is there any other way to accomplish this using unity? Also the terrain is procedurally generated, so it can’t be a pre-made model in case that was in question at all. (I use C# btw, but it’s fine if any code examples are in Javascript or Boo, I understand both just as well.)

Thanks in advance!

Something like @Eric5h5 's Stitchscape what you’re looking for?