how to make online app

hey guys i want to make an app or you can say an online app.i want my app to be like eCommerce site for example someone post a picture of any product that pictures are showed to us.But i want only i can upload data and that data has be showed on other devices inside my app.How i can do that.someone help me.

Thanks in Advance.

for that you need to learn android you dont need unity for that. just got stackoverflow or github you will find what you want.unity is for game development not for app development .@shubham5577

I do not believe Unity is strictly for game development. I think it depends on the product being created. If users feel that the benefits of the product are worth the wait time for loading and will not be spending a lot of time in the app so battery usage doesn’t matter, then there are some interesting things that a developer can do with Unity that cannot be done with an app.