How to make particles curve

Hi there,

Probably a pretty simple answer for this… I’m pretty new to particle systems.

I’m trying to make particles emit from a rotating object and have them curve and trail behind like the example below (kind of like sparks off of a spinning saw blade).


I’ve tried changing simulation space to world and then rotating the emitter, but the particles still just shoot out straight and don’t curve like they are trailing from the edge of the object. Also have tried messing with velocity over time but that setting doesn’t quite make sense to me and hasn’t worked for me either… Any idea on how to get it to work? I haven’t been able to find any tutorials online for this…

I also don’t know anything about coding in Unity and since this isn’t a personal project I don’t want to mess with that… so a way to do this with just the particle system settings would be ideal.


Check out the orbital and radial settings in the velocity over lifetime module.