How to make particles not change rotation with emitter after they have been emitted?

I’m trying to make tire tracks using particle system (Using terrain is out of question). My only problem right now is that after particles are emitted the ones left behind still changes rotation with the emitter, so it doesn’t look like a tire trail (You end up seeing all individual particles rotated)

All I want to do is to maintain the Y rotation that the particle has when it spawns, so it never changes again. (The rotation should be equal to emitter’s rotation at birth and then never change again).

Anyone has some idea of what I should do using particle system?


try changing simulation space to “World”

If anyone ever read this, I’ve solved. The solution was to look for how footprints were made instead of tire tracks, and there’s this guy’s solution :

Look for Buckslice solution. You just need to change particles rotation via script. If you’re making tire tracks like me, set different rotations for rear wheels (car’s rigidbody rotation) and for front wheels just add wheels local steering rotation to car’s world rotation, then turn it into radians by multiplying with Mathf.Deg2Rad.