How to make particles react to movement of particle system

Is there any way to make particles react to the direction that the particle system is currently moving at? Without using the world space? Like imagine a constant emission of particles going up, I move the particle system to the right, and the stream of particles slightly budges to the left, as if I wanted to make a candle effect.

The inherit velocity doesn’t seem to be what I want because obviously it doesn’t work in local space, I can’t use world space because my particle system moves extremely fast, so when particles spawn they stay on that spot and it makes an incredibly long and awful trail, which is not what I need

All I need is for particles to slightly react to movement, not stay where they were spawned.

Here is what you do,

  1. Set the simulation space to “World”.
  2. Go to Inherit Velocity
  3. Change the mode to “Current” and the multiplier to a number the is less than 1 but greater the 0.
    For me using something between 0.85 to 0.95 gave the effect of a candle when moving.

P.S. The higher the value, the closer the speed of the particle will be to the to the velocity of the object it is attached too.

It is in Unity 2017.1

set ParticleSystem - Simulation Space to World and check Inherit Velocity,set simulationSpace to World and check Inherit Velocity,sdsdsd

I think you should use world space and slowdown particle speed may b it works better