How to make pixel perfect 2d game in unity ?

Hello, I’m currently new to Unity and I’ve been playing around with a few tutorials here-and-there; however I have noticed a problem that arose.
How does one get pixel-perfect positioning?
I am currently making a game that requires pixel-perfect positioning and alignment of sprites and other game elements.
Let’s say my goal is to have a game with a pre-defined resolution of 1024768.
How do I go about taking my 1024
768 background image and centering it to meet the window exactly?
My next question is similar to this; if I have a sprite that needs to be positioned exactly at 200,300 pixels, how do I go about doing that?
Thanks for any help I can get in this problem.

Hi Ravi, I’m not that experienced in 2d gaming, but I’m too interested in make one.
You can begin with ‘pixel to unit’ parameter in all the textures you have. You can put this to 1 pixel to unit. With that the grid in the Scene window, will be of 1 pixel each square.
Now, the transform component will be equivalent to 1 pixel. So if you put in the position 200x 300y 0z they will be correctly positioned. And you not have problems with some gasp betwen tiles. Then te camera is very important now. The camera have a parameter call it Orthographic size. You have to adjust this parameter if you can by code. For example: if your screen is for 1024x768, you want that height be 768. The orthographic sizes = ScreenHeight / 2. And that give you exactly the height screen of 768, but not 1024 width. Thats becasuse orthographic size work with the height. If the screen have more width the visibility in X will expand, but conserve the 768 height. I hope this help you. One more tip: in the texture, check the inspector. You want to put the parameter filter mode in ‘Point’ and if your texture is big, change format to ‘True color’, bur remember this will make your game heave in size. Cheers!