How to Make Player Die with "GAME OVER" Screen?

Hi everybody! The last time I used this place a person solved my problem and it was very helpful so I wanna give it another shot. Also I am major noob at this so please forgive me. Basically in my game my enemy is following the player and I want to make it so when the enemy touches the player the game ends with a “GAME OVER” text or screen popping up. I have tried watching every single youtube video but it never works out because their game is always 2D while mine is 3D. Does anybody have any tips on how to do this? I feel like this task shouldn’t be too difficult but because I am a beginner it is to me.

I would do it like this:

  1. Player object with Collider and Rigidbody, script for Player, where you detect collisions with Enemy and fire event (e.g. Enemy collided with Player)
    Unity - Scripting API: Collider.OnCollisionEnter(Collision)
  2. Enemy object with Collider and Rigidbody, script for Enemy, where it follows the Player
  3. Script for GameOver popup, where you subscribe for collision event and show popup